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2021 Journals

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The single day we weren’t too hot: “fog drip” or snow at about 7500’ near Albuquerque.

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We never tire of seeing the Colorado River when in the Grand Canyon.

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Cedar Ridge on the S Kaibab Trail.

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The big horn sheep were waiting for us in Palm Springs.

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And we thought 2021 might begin with a return to normalcy!

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Iconic Palm Springs: Big horn sheep & wind turbines.

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Sunrise at our 29 Palms RV park.

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Sunrise at our 29 Palms RV park.

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The scenic trail along the Deschutes River was our go-to place for hiking while in Bend.

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Honoring Darral on the 4th of July.

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The fashionable, long, skinny spaces were too awkward for us.

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Enjoying our new bistro table & Robin’s roses.